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Kid Friendly Services

Not only does our office offer a child-friendly environment, each of the services provided is tailored just for kids – not adults. The following outline represents just a little of what we do. If there is something that you don't see listed, please feel free to call or email and ask us.

-First visits for infants

If your very young child has teeth, they are not too young to have their first dental exam. We see many children under the age of 2, especially those who have already developed dental problems.


Prevention of dental disease is the key to good oral health. That's why our practice is very preventive oriented. We work with parents to help them as they help their children develop good oral habits at home.

-Treatment for apprehensive children

Kids who are scared or just need a lot or treatment can often benefit from the use of light medications that are tailored to ease their anxiety. Laughing Gas is an example of this approach. It is safe and very effective in many situations where a child is a little scared and needs treatment.

-Sleep dentistry for very young or very apprehensive children

Very young or very apprehensive kids with a lot of treatment needs can often have their treatment accomplished while they are asleep. We do this in an outpatient hospital setting to ensure the child's safety. This keeps young kids from having bad early dental experiences.

-Children with Special Needs

As Pediatric Dentists, we are trained in the dental management of children with special needs and are experienced in the complex oral health issues that can sometimes be present.

-Growth and Development

Although we have elected not to incorporate “braces” as part of our practice, orthodontics is part of the training that Pediatric Dentists receive. We can follow your child's dental growth and development very closely and make the appropriate referral to specialists in orthodontics if and when it is appropriate for your child.

-Complex Dental Restoration for Young Children

Many of the kids we see have had severe dental disease and require complex dental treatment. Our training and experience gives us the expertise to manage complex situations for young children.